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Her Justice provides free legal services in family, divorce and immigration law to low-income women living in New York City. Founded in 1993, Her Justice recruits volunteer attorneys from the City’s law firms to stand side-by-side with women who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer, giving them a real chance to obtain legal protections that transform their lives.

Women in crisis can’t wait and Her Justice believes that all women with urgent safety and financial needs
deserve legal representation. Legal services agencies in New York City turn away eight out of nine people
who come to them for help. They simply cannot hire enough lawyers to meet the overwhelming need. As a result, most low-income women go to family and immigration court alone, without a lawyer, and often lose cases they could win—crucial cases that would free them and their children from abuse and give them additional income to support their families and the legal right to remain in this country and not be separated from their children.

Her Justice leverages the time of its highly-experienced staff attorneys by focusing on recruiting, training and mentoring volunteer attorneys at major Manhattan law firms. Last year, Her Justice provided, through its network of pro bono attorneys and other professionals, nearly $33 million in donated legal services, giving determined and courageous survivors—women who once felt powerless—the ability to take back control from their abusers, improve their children’s lives and build a stronger community for us all. The organization’s operating budget for the current fiscal year is $4.8 million.

Her Justice seeks a dynamic, strategic leader who is passionate about serving the underserved to succeed
its visionary founding executive director. Her Justice adopted an ambitious five-year strategic plan in
June 2012 and is on secure financial footing, with an extensive network of loyal institutional and
individual donors and collaborative community partners. Working closely with a dedicated and generous
board of directors and highly-experienced and talented senior staff, the new Executive Director will set the future direction for Her Justice. Specific responsibilities include:

Strategic Planning
Her Justice seeks an individual who will bring additional vision, insights and experiences to the current
strategic plan and a strong commitment to achieving its primary goals.

Board of Directors
The Executive Director is an ex officio member of the board of directors, participating fully in all
discussions and decision-making around organizational vision, strategy, fundraising, finances, operations,
governance and planning. The Executive Director participates actively in the recruitment of new board
members who are attracted to the mission of Her Justice and have the capacity to expand the
organization’s fundraising potential from both outside and within the legal community.

Funded primarily through private institutional partnerships and two highly successful events, Her Justice
constantly seeks to diversify and expand its future funding sources and strategies. Partnering with the
board and the development team, the new Executive Director will have an active role in fundraising
initiatives across all revenue streams, so must be experienced and comfortable making pitches and direct
requests for financial support.

The Executive Director is the primary spokesperson and “face” of Her Justice, representing the
organization to all major constituencies and the general public. An important future goal is to increase
media outreach efforts to further awareness of the organization and of the positive impact Her Justice has
on the lives of its clients.

Client Services and Advocacy
The Executive Director will have an active role in stewarding existing relationships and developing new
ones within the New York City legal community. S/he must ensure the delivery of high quality legal
services to clients and expert training and mentoring to volunteers. S/he will guide and promote the
organization’s public policy and advocacy work on behalf of women and their families.

The Executive Director currently oversees an organization with 34 paid staff members, five full-time law
firm externs and numerous in-office volunteers. Her/his primary management responsibilities are to lead
and inspire the senior management team—three highly effective and committed senior directors—and to
ensure that all staff, externs and volunteers deliver work of the highest quality, offering them
meaningful opportunities for professional development.

The Executive Director develops and recommends the annual budget, ensures adequate controls and risk
management procedures, and is accountable for the achieving the current year’s operating budget against

The ideal candidate for this position will be a highly intelligent, articulate and dynamic leader who is
committed to taking Her Justice to the next level, from great to greater. Though the next Executive Director need not have a legal background, s/he will interact confidently with partners of major law firms, conveying a clear passion for serving the underserved and a desire to improve the lives of others by providing high-quality legal representation to those who can’t otherwise afford it. More specifically, the Executive Director will have:

  • Outstanding leadership qualities, with the ability to inspire the staff and to rally current and potential
    stakeholders around the mission of Her Justice
    Exceptional oral and written communication skills, including a confident, fluid and engaging public
    speaking style
    A warm and genuine demeanor with the ability to interact with people from all walks of life in a
    comfortable and authentic way
    Experience and comfort with fundraising, with a particular ability to attract major donors
    Strong strategic thinking/planning skills and the ability to support and build on an existing strategic plan, making it her/his own
    An understanding of the business, political, social and public interest landscape in New York City and an awareness of the pressures and challenges that face non-profit organizations like Her Justice
    A collegial management style characterized by a willingness to listen to others, build consensus and make decisions with confidence and in a timely fashion
    Experience working in partnership with an appropriately engaged board of directors, leveraging their
    volunteer time thoughtfully and for highest impact

Education requirements

Professional education

How to apply

WEBSITE: CONTACT: Pamela Bol Riess pbr executive search 212.865.9262  

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